What’s Going On in Africa Today?

“Clashes Between Militants and Police in Nigeria” (The New York Times)

As many as 50 people were killed on Sunday in clashes between a militant Islamist sect and police officers in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi. There has been an increase in inter-religious fighting between Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria in recent months. It is believed that Sunday’s attack on a police station was motivated by the belief that policemen receive Western education, which the Muslim attackers staunchly oppose. The city has imposed a curfew and people are said to be “going about normal business” in spite of the violence.


“Guinea-Bissau Holds Runoff Vote on President” (The Associated Press)

The results of yesterday’s runoff election between Malam Bacai Sanha and Kumba Yala for the office of president of Guinea-Bissau are due to be released next week. Voter turnout has been estimated at 40-60 percent and the voting proceeded without violence. Both candidates have been urged to peacefully accept the results of the electoral commission and the people of Guinea-Bissau remain optimistic that whoever is elected will bring positive change to the country.


“Somalia: More Pirate Attacks Expected in September” (AllAfrica)

The end of Monsoon season off the coast of Somalia is expected to coincide with an increase in pirate attacks on merchant ships. Currently, the international efforts of 34 patrol ships stationed along the Somali coast has led to a significant reduction in the numbers of successful pirate attacks, but the sheer size of the Gulf of Aden makes fighting piracy a continuous challenge.