Country Leads in Africa Literacy Race
Zimbabwe has overtaken Tunisia as the country with the highest literacy rate in Africa.According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) latest statistical digest, the southern African country has a 92 per cent literacy rate up from 85 per cent.Post independence Zimbabwe’s education was heavily subsidised by government resulting in vast improvements from the colonial system.Zimbabwean graduates are well sought after throughout the world.

‘Lettuce Lady’ takes on Kenya’s meat-eaters
A campaigner wearing a dress made of spinach has paraded through Nairobi urging Kenyans to give up meat.Dubbed “the Lettuce Lady”, Michelle Odhiambo from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, admitted her campaign was provocative.Ms Odhiambo went on to urge restaurants to change their menus to cater for vegetarians.”So what do we eat, if we don’t eat meat?” said Mohamed Asman, from the north-east of the country where many people’s whole way of life is based on animals.”Meat is like our staple food,” he said.

South Africa’s ruling party to mark Mandela Day
Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress is preparing to celebrate his 92nd birthday.On Mandela’s birthday, ANC leaders will renovate a school in Mvezo, the southern South African village where Mandela was born.People around the world have been asked to mark the anti-apartheid leader’s birthday as Mandela Day. The day, inaugurated last year, is to be devoted to public service.