Innovation in Medical Care Brings Access to Rural Areas in Rwanda



Reference: Strieker, Gary. “Rwanda Saving Lives of Mothers and Babies.” Inside Africa. CNN, 6 Apr. 2011. <>.


Additional Information

An article from The World Bank on healthcare in rural areas of Africa:,,contentMDK:21661891~pagePK:146736~piPK:146830~theSitePK:258644,00.html

A video on using adapted bicycles to transport patients to healthcare centers in rural Africa:

A link to the website for a Virgin Mobile program which seeks to bring healthcare workers to rural areas of Africa:

A video on the “Phelophepa Train” in South Africa which brings healthcare to rural areas:

An article about improving healthcare in rural South Africa:


Discussion Questions

1.       Do you think the pyramid system is effective enough to provide suitable medical care in the rural areas of Rwanda? How could it be improved?

2.       What are the challenges to providing services for the residents who live in rural area of developing countries? How can they be overcome?

3.       Can you think of any new simple design innovations that hospitals in developing countries could use to improve their service?

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